1. Presenter must be a registered delegate of the 71st IDC conference at the time of submission of abstract.
  2. Abstract can be submitted under 2 categories- Student and Doctors.
  3. Student category is for undergraduate students and interns.
  4. Doctors include post graduate students, faculties and practitioners.
  5. Abstract shall be no longer than 250 words and has to be submitted online.
  6. Abstract title must be less than 15 words and express the essence of the presentation.
  7. Only E-Submission is accepted.
  8. Use capital letters for abstract title.
  9. No tables, charts or graphics shall be included in the abstract.
  10. The abstract should not have been submitted and accepted at another state, national or international scientific meeting.
  11. Each registered delegate can submit only one scientific abstract.
  12. The presenter has to specific the type of presentation in the prescribed format (for example:- clinical/research/innovative)
  13. The presenter should adhere to the time limit for presentation. All oral presentations will be for a duration of 8 minutes followed by a discussion of 2 minutes.
  14. File format should be Powerpoint [.PPT]
  15. Only Single screen multimedia projectors will be provided for presentation.
  16. The official language of the meeting and all communication must be in English.
  17. No commercial products endorsement will be permitted.
  18. Last date for submission of abstract is 31st December 2017.

Dental students can apply under any one of the following categories:


Dental students (including interns)


Dental professionals

General Posters :

General Dentistry and Oral Health

  • a. Oral Health & Systemic Health
  • b. Digital Dentistry
  • c. Gerodontology
  • d. Special Care Dentistry
  • e. Others

Preventive Dentistry

  • a. Caries Prevention
  • b. Periodontology
  • c. Epidemiology
  • d. Orthodontics
  • e. Public Health
  • f. Pedodontics

Dental Treatment & Restorative Dentistry

  • a. Caries
  • b. Periodontics
  • c. Endodontics
  • d. Pedodontics
  • e. Materials
  • f. Esthetics
  • g. Prosthetics
  • h. Dental Erosion & Non-caroius Lesions

Oral Surgery & Oral Medicine

  • a. Implantology
  • b. Oral Surgery
  • c. Oral Medicine
  • d. Oral Pathology
  • e. Oral Immunology

In focus Posters :

Tobacco Intervention Initiative

  • a. Preventive
  • b. Interceptive
  • c. Corrective

Oral Cancer Foundation

  • a. Preventive
  • b. Interceptive
  • c. Corrective

Healing Smile Foundation

  • a. Preventive
  • b. Interceptive
  • c. Corrective

Child Dental Care

  • a. Preventive
  • b. Interceptive
  • c. Corrective


  • a. Armed forces dental support
  • b. Dental combat services
  • c. Disaster management
  • d. Treatment of injuries & rehabilitation

Forensic Odontology

  • a. Forensic application in dentistry
  • b. Victim identification
  • c. Age & sex determination

Clinical Research

The abstract should be formulated under the following headings:

Aim or purpose :

In one brief sentence, provide the rational for the investigation and/or the question to be answered.

Materials and methods :

The experimental conditions should be reported briefly (i.e. age group, nature of the animals, sex, and approval from the Ethics Committee at the presenter’s institution). The clinical approach should be precise, and the period of time studied taken into account in the interpretation. The methods used should also be clearly indicated (i.e. image analysis, biochemical data, histological, immune histological or molecular probes used for the analysis of the data, statistical significance).

Results :

The results should be stated in a maximum of three sentences.

Conclusions :

This is any conclusion(s) that can be drawn from the presentation. This final statement is crucial because it supports the scientific value of the abstract. (Case study can be written under the heading: Introduction, Case Report, Discussion, Conclusion)




All accepted abstracts will be published online in the Indian Dental Journal

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