About Us
About All India Poster Competition

Indian Dental Association and Colgate are proud to announce All India Poster Competition under the banner of Future Dental Professionals Programme, to provide a platform and encourage students to present their original ideas, research and views on a national level.

It provides the budding dental professionals a unique opportunity to :
  1. Showcase their knowledge and real-time work at a National level
  2. Engage, interact and network with dental students from across India
  3. Stand a chance to win IDA-Colgate AIPC Scholarship worth Rs. 25,000/-.
Objective :

Through the All India Poster Competition, the main aim of IDA and Colgate is to engage dental students from across India and provide them an opportunity to showcase and enhance their knowledge on a national platform.

The objective of the All India Poster Competition is to provide the budding dental professionals of the country a platform:

  1. To present scientific papers in a creative and abstract way for better understanding.
  2. To demonstrate poise and mental agility before peers.
  3. To develop skills in effective communication for dissemination of research information.
  4. To gain experience in creative presentation of scientific papers.
  5. To display their scientific contributions with visual clarity.
  6. To be recognized and receive appreciation at a national level.
About IDA

Established in 1946 by Dr Rafiuddin Ahmed, the founding father of Indian dentistry, the Indian Dental Association is a premier organization of practicing dental professionals in the country. Its dual goal is to promote oral health awareness in the country and professional advancement of its members. It is committed to attaining optimal oral health for all in the country as a sine qua non for improvement in the overall health status and quality of life. Towards this end, it carries out several activities aimed at serving the public and the members.

IDA currently has 29 State and a total of over 370 local branches under the State branches accounting for an overall membership of over 75000 dental professionals and students in the country.

As custodian of oral health in the country, the Indian Dental Association (IDA) is committed to dental excellence. Consistent with this commitment, IDA has been implementing several programmes and projects that have established IDA as an enviable institution devoted to improving the oral health scenario in the country and enhancing the image of its members.