IDC 2019 Finalists

PG Finalist
Perinatal Counselling

Dr. Nivedita Jain

3d Printing Guides

Dr. Piyush Pandey

Integrating Skills For Smile Designing To Redefine Its Success

Dr. Divya Jain


Dr. Surbhi Mohase


Dr. Nilima Pagare


Dr. Mansi Kevlani

Visualize Realize Mineralize

Dr. Pooja Tiwari


Dr. Tanya Wadhwani

UG Finalist
Dentist... #Metoo??? Sexual Harrassment In Dentistry

Dr. Karan Amal

Association Of Children`S Dental Development, Chronological Age, Bmi

Dr. Anjali Vashisth

Cheiloscopy and Blood grouping

Dr. Aparna V.

Head & Neck Oncology: Various Stages, Treatment & Latest Developments

Dr. Krishnendu Debnath

Barriers in Prevention of Early Childhood Caries

Dr. Kashmira Sawant

Recent Advances in Diagnosis of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

Dr. Ruchi Doshi

Oral health status and care seeking behaviours among mill workers

Dr. Anirudh G.

VELscope - Advanced Diagnostic Tool in Dentistry

Dr. Shubham Sethi

Cleft lip and palate awareness initiative and treatment

Dr. Sakshi Singh

Early diagnosis of dental caries

Dr. Oshin Pawar

Tooth remineralising agents: A possibility for preserving enamel integrity

Dr. Sibani Jena

Bite mark as a tool in forensic dentistry

Dr. Zenia Nawaz

Oil Pulling

Dr. Shaila Verma

1st Prize:

Dr. Sibani Jena & Dr. Shaili Mehta

2nd Prize:

Dr. Afreena Merchant & Dr. Shaila Verma

3rd Prize:

Dr. Tanya Wadhwani & Dr. Siddhi Chaudhari