General Guidelines

Competition phases:

1. Online Registration

2. Online abstract submissions

3. Online Abstract selection

4. Upload final poster submission online (only for the selected abstracts)

5. 1st round Presentations of posters will take place at the following locations candidates can select their locations as per their convenience

WDS 2016-7th to 9th October, BKC,Mumbai

IDC 2017- 17th to 18th February, Navi Mumbai

6. Poster selection for Grand Finale round at respective locations.

7. Grand Finale round will be held on the 3rd day at IDC 2017 i.e. 19th February and the prizes will be as following

  1. AIPC scholarship worth Rs.25,000/- 1st prize
  2. AIPC scholarship worth Rs.15,000/- 2nd prize
  3. AIPC scholarship worth Rs.10,000/- 3rd prize

1. Online Registration Process

· Participants have to first register themselves on the online portal.

· Participants can submit their abstract with the appropriate title keeping in mind the guidelines mentioned below.

· Upon successful acceptance of Abstract, Participant (Non IDA Member) has to become IDA member before e-poster submission. “Failing to which, participant will be disqualified from AIPC”.


The All India Poster Competition is open for all dental students of recognized dental colleges in India.

Dental students can apply under any one of the following categories:

a) Group1
Undergraduate dental students (including interns)

b) Group2
Post- graduate dental students

The topics and sub topics of Poster are as follows:


1. General Dentistry and Oral Health

2. Preventive Dentistry

a. Caries

b. Periodontology

c. Epidemiology

d. Orthodontics

e. Public Health

f. Pedodontics

3. Dental Treatment & Restorative Dentistry

a. Caries

b. Periodontics

c. Endodontics

d. Pedodontics

e. Materials

f. Esthetics

g. Prosthetics

4. Oral Surgery & Oral Medicine

a. Implantology

b. Oral Surgery

c. Oral Medicine

d. Oral Pathology

e. Oral Immunology

2. Abstract submission General Rules:

I. Abstract shall not be longer than 250 words.

II. Abstract title must be less than 10 words and express the researches essence.

III. No tables, charts or graphics shall be included in the abstracts.

IV. Abstract body shall not include any indication of the personal details of authors.

V. Avoid reference to institution names, locations, or funding sources in the abstract.

VI. Only the author is allowed to present his/her abstract at the conference.

VII. Maximum of three co-authors are allowed per abstract.

VIII. The authors have to be a member of IDA to be eligible to present the article.

IX. Certificate of participation will be presented to the Co-authors

X. Only One submission per author is permitted for the competition.

XI. Abstract (except for case reports) shall include the sections;

  • Aim or purpose, Materials and Methods, Results and Conclusions.

XII. Do not submit on-going studies, or abstract with incomplete result or conclusion.

XIII. Abstracts will be rejected if the above rules are not met.

XIV. Abstracts of the unfinished researches will not be evaluated.

XV. Abstracts shouldn’t be prepared like a presentation type which has been already submitted.

XVI. The abstract should not been submitted and accepted at another national or international scientific meeting.

Abstract submission guidelines:

  • Aim or purpose :

In one brief sentence, provide the rational for the investigation and/or the question to be answered.

  • Materials and methods :

The experimental conditions should be reported briefly (i.e. age group, nature of the animals, sex, and approval from the Ethics Committee at the presenter’s institution). The clinical approach should be precise, and the period of time studied taken into account in the interpretation. The methods used should also be clearly indicated (i.e. image analysis, biochemical data, histological, immune histological or molecular probes used for the analysis of the data, statistical significance).

  • Results :

The results should be stated in a maximum of three sentences.

  • Conclusions :

This is any conclusion(s) that can be drawn from the presentation. This final statement is crucial because it supports the scientific value of the poster.

3. Abstract selection


1. By the judges/reviewers is based on

  • Scientific or Clinical interest in the question to be assessed
  • Sufficient data provided
  • Innovation
  • Clinical impact

2. By the voting process:

Authors can also get additional points by asking their friends, peers; faculty & friends to vote for their abstracts by posting their abstracts on AIPC FACEBOOK PAGE. These additional points will be considered for selection in case if there is a tie between 2 authors

Last date for online abstract submissions for IDC – 21st January 2017

Announcement for abstract selection:

Abstract selection letters will be sent by e-mail to each selected author and also displayed in ‘my message’ section of their abstract account.

Author can track the status of their abstract by logging in his/her abstract account.

All the notifications will also be displayed in ‘My message’ in your abstract account.

4. Upload Final poster submission online (only for selected abstracts)

Once the abstracts are selected for 1st round presentations, authors have to submit their final posters online by the following dates:

For WDS -23rd September 2016

For IDC – 30th January

Participants can select any location (WDS OR IDC) for presenting their posters to the reviewers

for 1st round presentations.

5. 1st round Presentations of posters to the reviewers (at select location WDS/IDC).

WDS:- 7th to 9th October

  • The Shortlisted Participants for 1ST ROUND should be ready with their presentation at the venue
  • 1st round presentations will be conducted for 3 consecutive days. Participant needs to be present at the assigned slot for the Presentation. (7th-9th october)
  • The winners for Final round will be announced on the 3rd day of the competition i.e. 9th October 2016. The list will be displayed on the official website ( on 17th October 2016
  • Winners from 1st round will be called on the 3rd day of Indian Dental Conference 2017 for the Grand finale round of competition.

IDC:- 17th to 19th February

  • The Shortlisted Participants FOR 1ST ROUND should be ready with their presentation at the venue
  • 1st round presentations will be conducted for first 2 days of IDC(17th,18th February2017). Participants need to be present at the assigned slot for the Presentations.
  • The winners for Final round will be announced on the 2nd day of the competition. (18th February 2017)
  • Selected finalists will be called on the 3rd day of Indian Dental Conference 2017 for the Grand Finale round of competition.

6. Poster selection for Grand Finale round.

7. Grand Finale round presentation at IDC 2017.

Winners Announcement:

Final All India Poster Competition (AIPC) Winners will be announced on the last day of IDC 2017 (19th February 2017)